12 January 2013

Morning has broken

Hello Sunshine, how's things?

Today I'd like to talk about something that, the more I think about it, is actually quite a personal choice; but is also something I imagine most people don't consciously think about as a personal choice at all. And that is *drumrolls* how people choose to wake up in the morning! 

There are so many alarm options available in this technology-ridden world; so many choices (even subconscious ones) on how to wake up in the morning - alarm clock, mobile phone, small child, rooster, special electric-dawn thingummy or bladder? To snooze or not to snooze? 

This is going to be twee, people, so prepare yourselves. I wake up every morning to "Mr Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra. Seriously. There are some songs that I would tire of listening to daily, but not this one. It puts a stupid grin across my face EVERY SINGLE MORNING and I figure there's nothing wrong with starting the day off with a little dose of positivity, right?! 

It makes me feel like I'm waking up going through the tunnel in Roger Rabbit land (from 2m 15s in video below). 

Side note- Who Framed Roger Rabbit was one of my favourite films throughout my childhood, and probably the reason I consider Emma Stone to be one of the most beautiful girls on the planet; she's basically Jessica Rabbit made flesh! 

When I was at secondary school I had to get up at 6am, and this was before I had a mobile phone, so I used a digital alarm clock from Argos. The alarm made the same sound that buses make when they are reversing, and I swear to God I woke up every morning panicking I was about to be run over. 

I am a non-Snooze-button-hitter; I find I feel more tired from having an extra five minutes of half-sleep then if I just get up and on with it. 


My excellent MIL recently told me she used to wake up Tom and his brother every morning by singing Morning Has Broken. This may well be the best thing I have ever heard (and the perfect ammunition to use if I really need to get my way about something. Pink-painted stairs, perhaps?) 

So, how do you wake up in the morning? Please do share your stories and preferences in the comments section- don't be shy; I'd love to hear your alarm of choice! 

Katie xxx


  1. What a great way to wake up! I love that song too but I think I'd have to have 'More than a feeling' by Boston for a great start to every day. I'm an early morning insomniac so I'm usually awake before any alarms go off. It doesn't help having 2 overweight cats who are on a diet and think that 5am is a good time for breakfast.
    How do you have that song come on? Can you get alarm clocks with songs in these days?

    1. My technology-minded bf installed it onto my phone for me :) although I imagine you can get programmable alarm clocks nowadays too.

      That's a good choice of tune! Bless your cats- I felt the need for many breakfasts when I was dieting too (assuming 5am is when they would like their first breakfast?! :) )!

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    3. My phone is so old it does nothing but phone and text. I think I might need to join the modern world...

  2. awhh this is the song my friend (Lauren at belledubrighton) walked back down the aisle as a married lady! Couldnt help but dance to it! I agree re snooze, I have neverrr been a snooze buttoner as I always feel worse but my boyfriend is a serial snoozer. It's so annoying! xxxx

    1. Aw- that sounds like it must've been a really happy wedding (not that I imagine there are many miserable weddings...) :) Are you still in bed when he's snoozing his alarm? I imagine that must be a bit annoying! xxxx

  3. It was only this year (20 years on) that I discovered that 'Morning has broken' a good idea at the time, had such a damaging effect on Will and Tom, who would have though that Cat Stevens could have such a indelible memory... was it possibly my voice? No, not possible!

  4. That's a wonderful way to wake up! I've never heard that song before but it's so catchy!

    I used to wake up to the radio but I found some mornings I didn't wake up on time. The songs just incorporated into my dreams. Now I wake up to radio static. It's not nice but I'm such a heavy sleeper that I need something loud and annoying.

  5. I love that song - what a fantastic idea!! My alarm clock at the moment is of the tiny child variety, with my phone as backup if we need to be out super early.

  6. Heeehee, good topic (oh and by the way, in answer to your question, I was talking about Lady Mary Crawley when I mentioned my famous peer at dancing school and incidently, school too)
    I am a nightmare at getting up! I use my mobile phone and I often use various recordings on it, such as 'Toccata and Fugue' by Bach or 'Doctor WHo' but I quite often recording threatening messages for myself, something along the lines of, "Right, you lazy oik, you did no work last night, so you MUST get up and do some or you will have a rubbish day." or, "You have to print out 4 lessons plans, photocopy recorder music and you need to wash your minging hair. GET UP NOW!" x