6 January 2013

Blog of the Week Number 1

Hello lovelies!

I've decided to try and introduce some regular posts onto my blog to give me more inspiration to write, and to hopefully give you some more interesting things to read too (I may also introduce a regular, themed photo post- Pictures Of Hugh Jackman's Abs, perhaps?)

What was I talking about again? 

Yes, so- I've decided to start a weekly feature called Blog of the Week where I (you guessed it!) share a blog that's either a firm favourite or a new discovery (through Pinterest, twitter or other blogs, mostly). I'm hoping I can help showcase some of the crafts/opinions/adorable photos of babies out there on the internet that you might not otherwise have discovered, and introduce some of my favourite internetty-type people to each other too. Please do feel free to link up your favourite blogs at the end of this post. 

I've discovered several new blogs recently from places far and wide, but my first in the series is going to go to the blog of a girl I've known in real life since I was practically a foetus! Katy is one of the most driven people I know; every time I see her she has new stories to tell about her adventures, crafting successes, and general wholesomeness that make me feel like perhaps I should be doing more with my life than eating chocolate cereal and watching Location, Location, Location (only kidding- I love you Phil!). Katy started her blog as one of her New Year's Resolutions for 2013 and it would be brilliant if some of you popped over to say hello whilst she's finding her feet with the whole "Dear Internet" thing :) 

You can find out more about what this pretty lady has to say over at http://sparkleandshine55.blogspot.co.uk 

Katie xxx


  1. Feel free to keep posting photos of Mr. Wolverine... I don't mind! hehe

    1. Teehee- any excuse for me! From now on I'll put a pic in each post and just put "By request, from Jen" as a caption :)

  2. Oooh, of course I will go and visit her! Nice idea, this post!
    (really laughing at your cat-plate in the previous post!! Ah man, if only I'd managed to enter your giveaway in time- can you do a plate one next please!?!?!?!!)

    1. I just saw your comment on Katy's blog- Compassion sounds fantastic; I'm definitely going to find out more about them :)

      I was actually thinking that I should've done a plate for my giveaway- I'm edging closer to 20,000 page views every day so the next competition will definitely be pottery-based :)