5 December 2012

Easy Christmas Decoration Tutorial 3 - Pompom Bunting

Hello lovelies

My third tutorial is the easiest yet. That's right- it's even easier than painting plastic dinosaurs! I'm not even going to post any how-to pics; because all you have to do is thread a needle. 

I've labelled this as a Christmas craft, but there's no reason that pompom bunting couldn't be used to brighten up any celebratory occasion (or just be left up all year round because it's pretty... *ahem*)

You will need: 
Needle & thread in your choice of colour
Ready-made pompoms like these*.

All you have to do is thread the pompoms together, and then space them out in whatever distances you like. Don't cut the thread when you start sewing- just sew through all of the pompoms, unwinding the thread from the spool as you go, and then cut the end when you're happy with the length. 

My top tip to stop this from getting tangled up is to wrap it round a postal tube/wrapping paper tube or a large piece of cardboard- and unravel it as you hang it up. 

I think it's really sweet and cheering, and requires absolutely minimum effort. Always a winning combination in my book :) 

Katie xxx

*Alternatively, you could make your own woollen pompoms - Lindsay Marsh has recently written an incredibly helpful post contained several different pompom making techniques (including one with a fork- genius!) 


  1. Hey! I really really want to make these but I am THAT thick that I am wondering how you sewed them together- did you stab them right through the middle like a cocktail cherry or do a stitch into and out of the top part. And when you say, keep the spool attached to see how long you want it- er, do I then have to progressively push the pom-poms along! (sorry, dense idiot signing off here!)x

    1. Cocktail cherry style sewing- skewer them right through the middle :) and yes- just keep pushing them all further down the thread. My fault for not being clear- looking forward to seeing pics of yours! X

  2. I've never thought about doing this... but it's so easy and cute and such a great idea! I might have to make a Christmas one!

    1. I did a Christmas one this year, in red, white, and grey, to go with some red and white cloth napkins I bought from Primark and am going to embellish!