11 November 2012

Photo an hour

Earlier this week Fran did a "Photo an hour" post, and I really enjoyed having a nose at what she got up to during the day. I decided to do one too because I thought it might encourage me to get dressed before 2pm on a Sunday would be nice to look back through some photographs at the end of a busy weekend; especially because I never remember to take photos of my everyday life- only of fancy National Trust houses/dragonflies getting it on

8am: Sunday morning lie-in on my ridiculous, DIY-d Sweet Dreams pillowcase

9am: Making some wall art using children's playing cards from Tiger. I'm going to use the rest of the set as Christmas present tags. I used purple tissue paper for the background, to match the frame of my Circus cross-stitch which is on the opposite wall of the stairs. 

10am: Breakfast o'clock, with the H&M catalogue. Vanilla chai tea, OJ and a Waitrose pain au raisin bought last night for a bargainous 29p (reduced from £1.29!). Nom. 

11am: Heading out to buy veg from the market with my new pink jumper and the Batman tote bag I won in the hello DODO first birthday competition. Amazeballs, eh?

12pm: Washing out, kitchen cleaned, house vacuumed. Housework is far from my favourite thing to do on a Sunday, but it's free cardio that leaves the carpets clean. 

1pm: Hanging some of our new art up on the wall (Tom doing the hammering, me pointing and saying "left a bit")

A canvas print of one of Tom's photographs of Brighton Pavillion
My new circus cards join some of the embroidered art I made earlier this year

2pm: Tricolor fusilli, broad beans and peas with a ricotta and cream cheese sauce for lunch. 

3pm: Framing two of the hello DODO prints I chose as part of my four-part(!!) prize. Sorry about my shoddy photos- you can see better photos of the original prints here in the hello DODO shop

My new "Party Animal" print, in a suitably celebratory frame
I thought the stars on this fabric complimented the stripes of this awesome sea-sidey print 

4pm: Chai Latte and Glee

5-6pm: Writing blog post and editing photos.

I don't have a photo of this because I was (ironically) too busy looking at photos. 

7pm: Mini cross-stitch project 

8pm: Mountain of home-made mezze for dinner

9pm: Cross-stitch finished

Slightly cuter than my last cross-stitch sampler...
10pm: Montezumas chocolate and a kick-ass movie (Red) to be followed by bed.

I hope you've enjoyed having a look at my day. If you've done one of these or decide to do one please send me a link- I'd love to see :)

Katie xxx


  1. This is spooky, I was thinking earlier today what a great idea it would be to take a photo every hour! :)

  2. This is so fun! I especially love your wall of art! So bright and cheerful!x