9 September 2012

Spontaneous Presents

So, it seems after my recent whine about summer being finished, September has decided to throw a big sun-shaped curve ball. I hope you're all having a lovely weekend making the most of the weather!

Today, I would like to talk to you about spontaneous gift giving. My love of low-cost dates is equalled by my love of giving odd little presents for no specific reason. I've never met anyone who didn't like getting a funny/sweet/thoughtful/delicious little something "just because" - and these things certainly don't have to cost the earth! Whether it's a funny postcard, a stick of rock, or a leaf shaped like Benedict Cumberbatch it's always nice to know people are thinking of you even when you're not sitting opposite them with a face full of cake. 

Tom bought me a light-up rabbit lamp back in February, which was only £5 but I'd been lusting after it for ages- and it was a wonderful surprise when it turned up in the post! I think it looks adorable sat on top of our chest of drawers (which also acts as my dressing table). 

Last year, I bought Tom a bottle of his favourite whisky when I spotted it on offer in Tesco, and left it wrapped up in the kitchen with a tag saying "Happy Wednesday". It was lovely to see his big grin when he got home after a particularly difficult day at work to discover it waiting for him. 

I picked up this mug in BHS yesterday as a surprise present for my Mum. I just couldn't resist the owls' adorable little faces, and I know she's going to love it- and at £2.50 it wasn't a bank-breaking gift either. 

Spontaneous or unexpected presents can be brilliant, instantly-cheering things even when they don't cost you anything at all. I'm pretty sure my Mum got this pen for free at a medical convention- but that didn't stop me giggling when it fell out of the envelope she had posted her letter in :) The liquid even swishes around inside, so it looks like a real syringe! Teehee

Do you ever send people unexpected presents? Or have you received any thoughtful spontaneous gifts that made you smile? I'd love to know!

Katie xxx

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  1. I love gifts like these both sending and receiving,especially in the post.theyre better than expensive gifts in my eyes x