4 December 2011

Exploring Sussex- two delightful and decadent days

I spent this weekend Adventuring in Sussex with some of my best people. One of my favourite ways to spend unexpectedly sunny days, because I'm reminded how lucky I am to live in Sussex, with such lovely friends. And I get to discover some pretty awesome new places too! 

On Saturday, Tom and I explored the wonders of coastal East Sussex- visiting the ancient towns of Winchelsea and Rye. 

Our first stop of the day was in Winchelsea, which we'd never visited before. The town has a very sleepy-village feel, with beautifully diverse homes centred around the picturesque semi-derelict church and graveyard. The morning's highlight for both of us was discovering the wonderful Winchelsea Farm Kitchen and shop- a glorious delicatessen/wine cellar/restaurant combo selling raspberry gin, home-made cakes, and coffees flavoured with the weird and wonderful.

Christmas Pudding Coffee, anyone?
We had an awesome brunch of cream tea and Teapigs Popcorn Tea

We first visited Rye earlier this year, and ended up having lunch next to Paul McCartney (which was rather exciting) in an awesome cafe called Apothocary; so-called because it used to be a chemists and there are still tiny little potion drawers from floor to ceiling on some of the walls. I would heartily recommend Rye to anyone who likes antique shops and cobbled streets. There are also some brilliantly-named houses about such as "The House Opposite" and "The House with the Seat".

I spent today in Arundel with my two oldest girlfriends, pottering round fabric shops and spending all our pocket money in Sweet Memories of Arudel; an incredible old-fashioned sweetshop owned by the sweetest (sorry!) old man who makes AMAZING fudge, and the cutest chocolate frogs. 

And finally:

For those of you who haven't heard of her, I can't recommend Lucky Jackson at 365 Lucky Days enough. I discovered her work through The Dainty Squid, and I am in awe. Lucky is currently undertaking a 365 day challenge with her incredible, unique sewn portraits. I find it astounding how brilliantly she can capture someone's likeness with just a few stitches. Her fabric choices are fabulous too! 

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