19 October 2011

Pimpin' my Pimp Chair

I made this cushion to accentuate the whore-house chic that is my Pimp Chair (a thing of beauty I inherited from an ex-housemate. The photographs don't do its sleazy velvety-ness justice).
I had the leopard faux fur left over from a spontaneous staple-gunning of crushed velvet and faux fur onto a chaise longue I used to co-own that was incredibly uncomfortable to sit on (it basically ate your bum) but looked brothel-tastic. We left it behind in the old house, because it was too damn uncomfortable. There was an original plan to ride it down the steep hill we lived on into the sea, but we were afraid it would splinter and throw us head-first into traffic/a lamppost/an extra-angry seagull….
I added the floral buttons because I think they are beautiful. 

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